Sat. Oct 19th, 2019

‘Leave My Family Alone’ – Uche Jombo

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Uche Jombo a Popular Nollywood actress, has asked Nigerians to stay clear of her family and marriage in her reaction to the divorce rumours trailing her marriage for the third time in two months.
Jombo reacted to yet viral reports that she had secretly divorced her Puerto Rican husband, Kenney, who is alleged to have cheated on her with a 22-year-old American.
Writing on her Instagram on Tuesday, August 29, she wrote, “If you are going make up stories about my life or marriage, try facts. Normally I will look at this stupid trending story on me today and look the other way but not today. I find your need to create mirage tales of rancour where there are none in chase of a story/news outrageous.
“There’s no story here except a woman trying to balance her family life and work in two countries. Please leave my family out of your manufactured made up stories, there are more important stories, real issues in world people are worried about than little old me.”
She also described the rumours as “negative inaccurate press,” and revealed that she has taken legal action against those peddling the speculations.
The rumours began in July when leaked photos of Kenney in a compromising position with a young lady surfaced online. The images were allegedly taken in Kenney’s home, same one he shares with Uche whenever she visits the United States.
Jombo, however, fueled the speculations when she deleted photos of Kenney from her page and dropped his name.
The couple tied the knots in May 2012, in the Caribbean. The union is blessed with a son.

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