VIDEO: I lost my partner due to acting Actress Emma Dickson

Actress Emma Dickson 

Kumawood Actress Emma Dickson who is known for movies such as “American Boy”, “Asoreba” “ Wo Nyame Som Mpo Nie” and many others has expressed the presence of discrimination and partiality at its peak in Kumawood Ghanaian Movie Industry.

Speaking to Dave Hammar on Hello Entertainment Review on 9TH December, Emma Dickson hinted that, the movie industry is on the verge of collapsing and can only be associated with discrimination and partiality portrayed in the industry currently.

“ if movies are well noticed lately, one will see that, there is categorically a number of persons who form inline as act’s in movies and its shouldn’t have been so, things has change a lot in this era ” she disclosed.

Responding to when last she featured in movies said, she has been of the scenes for 3 years now due to certain personal issues she decided to resolve but afterward’s when decided to return, was already been evicted from the industry.

She further noted that, “The industry depicts me as incapable of playing a role due my structure and tends to give me motherly role but if am called back, I will want to act extraordinary to prove myself” however, Diving into why celebrities’ marriages breakdown has risen explained that, celebrities marriages would only be sustained if there is trust and understanding of the job, until this things are done, it would be difficult, because, “being in the industry I also lost my partner due to the job and roles I played in movies” she recounted.

Watch the full interview below;

“Perceptions of intimacy after a role on set which people say is the cause of marriage breakdown I will say is a mutual understanding” she ended.

Source: Hello entertainment Review

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