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Black Kat GH

Musician Kwaku Albert Tuffour popularly known as Black Kat Gh with its record label “The Boom Boom Music” says he too bless for critics because, people don’t understand why he is versatile in up and doing music and Ghana and beyond.

Speaking in an interview with Dave Hammer on its Saturday’s Entertainment Review show on Hello Fm in Kumasi, he clarified saying he is too bless to be doing multi stuffs even aside music and that’s what make people confuse and talk about him all the time.

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They never understand why am too blessed, so they talk about me and I don’t pay much attention to because, as you talk about me, others too are talking about you.

So watch out to all criticizers”. He emphasized.

He mentioned that, the music system is very corrupt and its sometime prevent real people from hearing his voice and what he intends to give out to his fans and the general public hence, its time something has to be done about corruption in the music system currently.

Responding to what he perceived to be going as corrupt, he disclosed, its comes back to who you know, bribery, dream killers and as such there must be a complete end to it for new artiste voices to be heard in the music industry.

Following rejection of his new song “menye loose” music video on airplay by Gh one TV he explained, he visited the media house with his video and after they watching it  they said they can’t airplay and I asked the reason why, they couldn’t provide answers to why they can’t.

“I received a message from them saying they don’t like it and I asked if it’s about the quality or content, they just said they can’t airplay. I want them to control their TV channel but, my music will sell no matter what critics do or say because am too bless for such thing to bring my dream or spirit down”.

Watch the video below;

By: Dave Hammer of hello fm

Source: Hello entertainment 

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