Sat. Oct 19th, 2019

All the beautiful photos from Becca's wedding ceremony

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Becca & husband
Ghanaian singer, Becca, has married her Nigerian fiance at a traditional ceremony in Accra on Saturday, can report.

Becca, whose real name, is Rebecca Achaempong, had kept the identity of her man secret for many months. But ahead of the wedding on Saturday, revealed the man to be Daniel Tobi Sanni, a Nigerian music producer who used to manage rapper, Ice prince.
Several celebrities and public figures have converged on the location to celebrate Becca, who has been one of the leading musicians in Ghana in the last 10 years.
A stunning video from the ceremony showed family members and friends of Tobi Sanni singing and dancing in Yoruba language as part of the traditional marriage festivities.
An excited Becca could also be seen at the event admiring her ring and laughing heartily.
The actual white wedding and reception were expected to follow after the traditional marriage.
Several entertainment personalities from Nigeria flew in to celebrate Becca and Tobi.
The singer had wanted to keep the wedding under wraps, but curious journalists, including colleagues here at, found out that something was going on and blew an alarm on it.
Actress Yvonne Nelson also did not help matters when she wrote in a social media post that she would cook jollof for Becca on her day, Saturday.
The photos that have emerged from the private wedding ceremony are amateur ones that were taken with mobile phones.


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