Sat. Oct 19th, 2019

Christiana Awuni reveals why Actors & Actress fail in marriages

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Actress Christiana Awuni
Ghanaian Actress Christiana Awuni has finally disclosed why movie actors and actresses always fail at marriages.
According to her, it is no fault of theirs but mostly, they get married to people who do not understand the kind of job they do.
Using herself as an example, she mentioned that she has married twice in her life and all could not work out well because her husbands did not understand the industry she belonged to.
She indicated that she was asked to choose between her work and the man but she settled for her work because the when the man met her, she was acting and was making greater strides.
“My last marriage failed because my husband did not understand the kind of industry I find myself in. Sometimes we could go to set for over a week or month and he could not stand it. He asked me to choose between him and my job and I chose my job because before he came that was what I was doing and I can’t stop just because he says I should.”
She noted that people always blame their attitudes for their failed marriages but she noted that they usually get married to people who have close to no knowledge on the kind of industry they find themselves in.

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