Ghana Will Still Worship Nigerian Music Since Their Song Lack Good Content – Jahemblem Mani

According to Jahemblem Kwasi Mani, Ghanaians has to learn from Nigerians in order to decorate their Music Industry to dominate the continent than to propagate for “Play 80% Ghanaian Music” at the media front since it wont utilize.
Speaking to Eagle Eye Media Ghana, the Ghanaian, UK based rapper has said that, Ghanains can never do away with Nigerian music since their songs has been our favorites of all time.
According to him, Nigerian music has gotten style, good content and depicts variety of African tradition and culture unlike what Ghanaian artistes has been putting out there.
“Ghanaians will keep worshiping Nigerian Music and nothing can stop them jaming to it even with the agenda of “play 80% Gh songs”.  What do you expect, when artiste just gets into the studio and record whatever comes to mind and put it out there, expecting such product to dominate on the world’s entertainment market? Nigerians has gotten time to write, compose and record their music which credit them of well engineered music that everyone falls inlove with. Untill Ghanaians start to learn from Nigerians, there is no way we will be able to compete with them of airplay domination even on our own land.” he has told Eagle Eye Media Ghana.
“Ghanaian Artiste don’t support each other enough unlike the Nigerians acts do” he added,
Zyofon Media within the week had its Nigerian Branch launched, and it appeared  ridiculously after top artistes from Ghana jumped on stage to entertain stake holders and fans who were at the premises but was giving a dull responds by the Nigerians with a claim of not knowing their songs.
Even though artistes like Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy, King Promise, Becca  among others who performed that night are classed as A-list acts in Ghana but none of their songs are known in Nigeria.
This has errect a pillar of trauma in the Ghanaian Music Industry hence, the agenda of “Play 80% Ghana Songs” which has been propagated by industry players to the Ghanaian media houses in order to promote Ghanaian Music but Jehenblem  had said that, it wont utilise untill Ghanaians start to learn from Nigerians.
Story by :eagle eye

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